In light of the BC Restart Plan, our dental clinic is preparing to reopen on June 9, 2020. For this to happen, the Provincial Health Authorities and the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. have set out a number of guidelines for this present “new normal” situation. In order to make our clinic a safe environment for all our patients and dental personnel, we are now in the process of making these changes. We have setup the following:
A) The Office Safety Program involving:
1. Patient Pre-Screening Questionnaire
2. In-office Hand Sanitizer and Mask
3. Social Distancing in the Office by:
i) minimizing the number of people in the waiting room to 1 – 2
ii) allowing only patients into the dental treatment room
4. Taking Patient’s Temperature Before Dental Treatment
5. Patients to Rinse With a Disinfecting Oral Rinse Before and After Dental Treatment
6. Limited Usage of Washroom for Emergency Only
7. Storage of All Patient’s Personal Belongings Away From Treatment Area During Appointment
B) Plexiglass barriers on the front reception desk to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19 droplets
C) Increased Personal Protective Equipment (N95 or respiratory masks, surgical gowns and hair nets, eye protection goggles, face shields) will be worn by dental personnel. Please note, we certainly will not look the same as before; but underneath, we are still the same caring people
D) The clinic will be disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant, effective against the novel coronavirus, in between each patient
E) Reduced Operating Capacity in the clinc to maintain social distancing among all patients and dental personnel and to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus through close interaction with others.

We understand that these and the many changes required for the “new normal” would involve challenging adjustments for everyone.

We thank all our patients for their patience and kind understanding through the past couple of months and during this process of reopening. We look forward to serving you once again in our clinic. Until we reopen, in case you need assistance for emergency, please call 604-351-8229 or
e-mail drjsywong@gmail.com.

Ultimately, your health is our top priority. Together, we can get through this.
Metro-East Dental Clinic